About Kotian

Zhongshan Ketian Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Ketian Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. The company is a high quality uv curing oligomer, monomer professional production suppliers. The company cooperates with the United States famous UV resin, monomer companies to establish a technical cooperation platform. The company has 12 senior engineers. The company has four research and development teams, and the product research and development speed is in step with the international, leading the domestic.

In 2006, the company built 7000㎡ new workshop and 2 sets of monomer production lines and multiple sets of resin facilities in Zhongshan, with annual output of 5000 tons. At present, the products have been sold to all UV coating plants, but also exported to European countries.

Our company has a strong ability of product research and development. We can solve problems together with you or "tailor" to meet your needs.

For better use of our products, we provide: technical data, including starting formula, technical articles, technical data sheet and product safety information. All the information on the company's web site ( is available. We have a technical service team that can answer many of your technical questions via phone or email from our home office or offices.

The information in this product catalog is believed to be correct, but the performance reliability of the product is related to its use and is used together with other materials in the application process, and the company cannot undertake any guarantee.

Responsible care
As an emerging chemical manufacturing enterprise, we always adhere to the strict principle of responsibility and care and apply this principle in our daily operations, constantly improving the responsibility for chemicals and safety management.

Quality and environmental protection
Our company successfully passed the iso9000:2001 quality system certification to ensure good quality and stability. Ketian's quality policy is stability, continuous improvement and innovation. Choosing Ketian is choosing reassurance. We strictly implement environmental protection laws and regulations, and have formulated specific measures to protect the environment. We have taken these measures throughout the whole process of procurement, research and development, production, transportation and sales.


Zhongshan Ketian Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

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